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JH / Gelek Rimpoche

GOM: A Course in Meditation

GOM: A Course in Meditation

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One of the most thorough transcripts available on concentrated meditation, Gelek Rimpoche shares methods to develop deep, single-pointed meditation, as well as peace and joy in our lives. Includes 19 color plates on the meditator’s journey.

Gom is the Tibetan word for meditation. It simply means: getting used to it. In this transcript Rimpoche explains step by step and in great detail the practice of concentrated meditation [Skt. shamatha, Tib. zhi nay]. Training in concentration gives the mind a stability and suppleness that enables it to function well in daily life, regardless of the conditions. Moreover, a mind that is thus trained is the prerequisite to focus deeply on the true nature of reality.

A special feature of this work is that besides meditation on the breath and visualized objects of meditation Rimpoche also introduces meditation on the mind itself.

A unique contribution of this work is The Meditator’s Journey – a series of nineteen authentic, full color thangka illustrations showing in detail the steps on the way and the tools and techniques that are used.

This teaching is an indispensable guide for all those who seek to develop better concentration, and the foundation for gaining deep insight into the nature of the mind.

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