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JH / Gelek Rimpoche

Healing Practices of White Tara

Healing Practices of White Tara

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The story goes that Green Tara and White Tara were born from two tears shed by
Avalokiteshvara, who embodies the compassion of all the Buddhas. Tara embodies the active facet of this compassion.

Tara is archetypal for female strength and wisdom, the way it is present in every individual all throughout the universe. She's called Mother of the Buddhas because buddhahood can only comefrom the right view of the ultimate reality.

Because wisdom is the primeval source from which everything stems, you could, in a way, see Tara as the buddhist portrayal of the Mother-goddess. Green Tara is known as the liberator who, out of compassion, protects against suffering in
samsara and against the eight forms of fear. These are the fear of pride, the fear of ignorance, the fear of wrong view, the fear of attachment, the fear of anger, the fear of jealousy, the fear of miserliness and the fear of doubt.

White Tara embodies maternal love, healing power, and the power to both give life and prolong life. Practicing Tara creates a resistance against fears en all sorts of ill-making factors and with that, is geared toward a long and healthy life, which in its turn is so very important to practice the Dharma.

Apart from these 'ordinary' powers, extraordinary powers are developed through Tara: love and the right view, which lead to inner peace and freedom.
By receiving an initiation from a teacher and familiarizing ourselves with the practice of Tara we mobilize and develop self-healing powers, which we can use not only for ourselves, but also for the benefit of others.


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