Lojong 8 Verses

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“If you want to generate compassion and there is no object on which to generate it, then you cannot generate it. Without beings, there would be no compassion, without which there would be no bodhimind, without which there would be no Buddha. All this comes from the kindness and compassion of all beings. Therefore, it is so important for us to acknowledge that we are indebted to all beings.”

Eight beautiful verses of the Kadampa master Langri Tangpa reveal profound yet totally practical methods to the development of a real altruistic mind. Rinpoche explains these verses one by one, clarifyies the message behind each of them and provides meditations on the two central practices of this training: equalizing and exchanging self and others [Tib. dagzhen nyamje] and the give and take technique [Tib. tonglen].