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Silver Plated Mala Counter

Silver Plated Mala Counter

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Keeping Track of Large Numbers
The recitation and accumulation of Buddhist mantras is one of the most common practices in Tibetan Buddhism. In some traditions hundreds of thousands, or even 1 million mantras are required before we can manifest or at least, access, the properties of certain deities.
You can have up to 3 devices or tallies on your mala, for keeping track of large numbers They are thick threads that hold 10 beads or rings that are slipped down or away from the main string of beads. One of them is for tallying hundreds, the other counts thousands.
It consists of a pair of sets of little rings on a double thread, one terminating with a dorje and the other with a bell.
We attach one on one side of the mala, and the other on the opposite side. One can be used to count up to a thousand, and the other for tallying the thousands. To attach each one:

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