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JH / Gelek Rimpoche

37 Wings of Change

37 Wings of Change

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The Wings of Change, also known as the 37 Wings of Enlightenment, explain essential points of spiritual development on the way to enlightenment. Gelek Rimpoche’s lucid commentary brings this classic Buddhist teaching to life. In his own words, “If you are able to practice these points, really spend time and meditate on them, they will become your qualities.” Born in Lhasa, Tibet, in 1939, bestselling author and internationally renowned Tibetan Lama Kyabje Gelek Rimpoche brings his traditional Buddhist training into strong dialogue with science, psychology, medicine, metaphysics, politics and the arts; he skillfully addresses the dilemma of living a spiritual life in a material world. His collected works now include over 30 transcripts of his teachings, numerous articles as well as the national bestseller Good Life, Good Death (Riverhead Books, 2001) and The Tara Box: Rituals for Protection and Healing from the Female Buddha (New World Library, 2004)

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